Watercolor Sky

Driving home this afternoon was like driving through a huge watercolor painting.  Wish I could have captured more of it.

Had a very good day.  Wrote before work, worked from 6:30-noon.

Our office went to lunch with Disney features’ newly reconfigured clearances group at Timmy Nolan’s in Toluca Lake.  Walking distance from the office.  Very interesting conversation.   We know different parts of the rather obscure corner of the entertainment industry in which we work, so it was fun to share war stories.

Went back to the office for about half an hour to get out a couple of reports and make a couple of calls.

Then I met up  with Antipasta at Porto’s for our regular writing date.  She’s stuck with me through all my writerly angst this past year, and that’s been  invaluable.   She did some editing on a story, I did some writing, we talked, stated intentions for the next meeting and made some other plans.  Love working with her.

On a foodie note, it’s actually a lot easier to not go crazy at Porto’s the more I go there.  I know I can get back, so I don’t have to load up on guava strudels, creme brulees or pina colada mini-cakes.  We rather demurely sipped a couple of chai lattes.

I think they opened up a new lane on the 5 northbound through Sylmar, so that part of the drive was better.  It’s so weird when you’re hurtling down a freeway and you know something’s different but can’t quite think how it used to be.    Really looking forward to feeling that way at the junction of the 5 and 14, which is still under construction.




2 thoughts on “Watercolor Sky

  1. me says:

    hmmm…I see that my favorite cake at Porto’s happens to be the very cheapest one. How appropriate for a cheapo like me! (Beautiful sky! glad you didn’t miss it.)

  2. Sundry says:

    Kitty – Is that the Tres Leches? Ooh, we’ll have to have a Sally Cake when you’re here again. Moist little cake just packed with raspberries and blueberries. Of course, you know why I had to try it!

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