Precipi…tation, Part 2

It continued to snow off and on over the weekend.   Hydra and I had a discussion about what sleet is.  I said it’s itty bitty hail (ice pellets) and he said it was mixed snow and rain.  According to Wikipedia, we’re both right!

But that’s not what this stuff is.  Thanks to clicking on a link within that Wiki definition of sleet, I learned that the Styrofoam-esqe stuff that fell on Sunday is called graupel. Huh!

Graupel is a good medium for drawing on the hood of your car.  Just so you know.

This is definitely Hydra’s definition of sleet.

This is how Southern Californians respond to sleet.    That’s the 14 North as seen from Sierra Highway near the Soledad Canyon.  Looking down from where the previous shot was taken, more or less.

Weather wasn’t conducive to making my usual 8:30 a.m. Zumba class, but things were calm and beautiful just after sunset, so I went out for a jog around the neighborhood.   Everything had that blue cast you sometimes see with snow.

This is a neighbor’s fan palm.

Great weekend.  Kind of nice to cancel our plans and stick close to home.


3 thoughts on “Precipi…tation, Part 2

  1. Jeez, for a second I thought they were pictures from Indiana — until I saw the smiley face on the car. No smiles around here in February!

  2. Sundry says:

    Ha! I remember February being pretty grim. Maybe that’s why they made it short.

  3. RuthG says:

    Yep, February in the Midwest is pretty grim. Thank God it’s over.

    Yay that you had a fun weekend, graupel & all!

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