Fire and Rain


Sitting around a campfire singing smooths everything out in my soul and then sends it soaring with the embers.   We are so lucky to have found Songmakers in 1998, and I’m so glad we have become more and more involved with this wonderful bunch of people.

The fire was doused on Thursday and Friday around 11:30 when a fine rain started to fall.  Thursday night, everyone jumped up to put their instruments away, but we stood and talked for another 15 minutes.  “Save the instruments!” I said, “Women and children be damned!”

This creek was dry when we arrived on Thursday.  Sunday morning and it’s 3 feet deep!

The following is edited from an email I sent to campers, as I’m having possible carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms and shouldn’t be typing.

“For those of you who weren’t there on Sunday morning, we didn’t have Songs of Meaning because Wonder Woman came around to tell us the creek was rising and we should probably clear out early.  Hydra and I went around to all the campsites and let everyone know.  She needed to shut off the bridge between the two halves of the camp, so everyone on that side had to exit down the lane that’s usually blocked off at the road.
“Wonder Woman had to go into the creek with her new worker to take out a debris fence and several of us (Hydra, BankCamp, Dulce, Tica and I) stood by to make sure she didn’t go down…it was halfway up her calves and roaring through that usually dry creek bed!  We dropped a rope over the top of the culvert in case she was knocked off her feet.  Kind of scary.
“SL bravely packed up all the coffee gear on his own!  Thanks so much!”
“SB convinced MS, who had slept in her car, to leave her tent rather than pack it up and get soaked.  WonderWoman will hold it for her.
“We helped J & E McF move their rig up to higher ground, since their tow vehicle is in the shop, and they had to stay at the campground another couple of days waiting for it.  They were also right by the creek.  By the time we were done around 11:30 we could see that the water was six or eight inches higher in the creek than when we started notifying people around 8 a.m.
“It was great the way everyone took it seriously and got out of there early.  I am proud of everyone for that. Also proud of all you day users you who found WonderWoman or I to pay day use fees.  She’s so short handed these days, she really appreciates us stepping up like that when she can’t be on the gate.”
Hydra and I–and I heard the same from BankCamp and Dulce–were soaked through to the skin.  The rain thundered down the whole time we were packing up, all the way home, and into the evening.  In fact, it was  mixed with snow up at our place.  Brrr.  Hot showers and soft dry clothes were in order.

Looking up the creek toward that bucolic bridge from Thursday.  Didn’t think to get the same shot.  None came out very well.  Did think to change the camera’s settings.

Can you tell how much higher the creek is, right off the corner of our rig?

Probably should not have had my DSLR out in that weather, given the weird ghosting in the shot.



2 thoughts on “Fire and Rain

  1. Stay dry … um, as dry as possible.

  2. me says:

    brrr makes me chilly just reading about it! Glad you all got out of there and home to a dry space!

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