What a Sham?

Here’s the finished bed with the new bedding.   Since it’s a mission style futon bed with no head board we wanted the extra Euro-style pillows to make it look more like a grown up bed.

But can anyone explain shams to me?  They’re like dress up clothes for pillows, right?  I put the regular pillow cases on the pillows and then slipped them into the shams.

Also, the bed skirt is bizarre.  Why not just a big circle of elasticized cloth?  What came in the package was a big panel that’s supposed to fit between the mattress and box springs (we don’t have a box spring on either of our beds) I guess, with a fringe of sheet around the sides that’s supposed to drop to the floor.   I had the whole mattress off our regular bed, but when I slid it back onto the frame, the bed skirt got all bunched up.  It doesn’t reach all the way to the top of the bed and it doesn’t seem quite wide enough either.

Tiny angry “grr,” with fists clenched.

And….(breathes deeply) letting it go.

It was such a lovely day on Friday and I was working at my day job in the studio/guest room.  Decided to let the sun shine in.

Oops!  Not what you want to have happen the day before guests arrive.   Luckily these aren’t custom and we were able to replace the old vinyl ones with aluminum.


4 thoughts on “What a Sham?

  1. Shams and skirts — useless items invented as an excuse to raise the price of bedding sets.

  2. me says:

    Well, Mark…the skirts are a bit useful…hides all the picture frames & stuff you’ve hidden under the bed! 😉 But fully agree with your assessment of shams!

    Sal…the bed is really beautiful!

  3. Sundry says:

    Mark and Kitty – Yeah, the skirts are really useful for just that reason. And the shams…normally I’d agree, but in this case I’m glad to have the extra Euro-style pillows in shams to put a faux head on the bed! Not for our master bedroom, though. We already have too many pillows in use!

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