Good Carma

No, actually, this isn’t our car.  Coincidentally, I took a picture of it in the parking lot near the Starbucks I’ve been frequenting lately, and I thought it made a better picture than my scraped bumper.  I’ve seen this car around here several times and I think it speaks to determination and optimism.

We will have had the Sonata for a year as of April 12th.  It didn’t quite make it to its first birthday without getting into a scrape.

I found a note on the windshield when I got into the car after a long (6:3o-4:00, no lunch break) work day.  It read, “FYI, a black [vehicle – license plate number] damaged your rear fender, on the left side, but the woman drove away.”   The bumper wasn’t broken, but the paint was completely scraped off and apparently it made enough noise to alert the kind person who left the note.

I called the Burbank Police, and what do you know?  They sent out an officer within about half an hour!  He called in the plate, and seemed pleased that it identified the right make/model of vehicle.  He took the note into evidence–while I was waiting for him I’d copied it into my notebook just because I was writing to pass the time–after we both signed it.  Said that they’ll put a detective on it and should get back to us in a few days, but I should report it to my insurance company.

As I told the officer, I was impressed.  When we lived in Sherman Oaks, the Van Nuys Police department wouldn’t even bother looking for our classic 1974 Chevy Impala (with less than 50,000 miles on it.)   I’ve seen this motorcycle cop and the officer who joined him in a car sitting at Priscilla’s coffee house, below my office.  This happened in their backyard.

Funny, I am not happy about the damage, and it’s rotten that someone who obviously could’ve borrowed a pen and paper from anyone sitting at the coffee house didn’t bother to.  But what I really ended up feeling was pretty good that the person who wrote the note took the time and effort to help.  That’s actually pretty great.

So, the title of this post?  I know, it’s spelled Karma, but this reminded me of the time back in 2007 when I ran over a screenwriter’s scooter on this same street.  When I looked at my post about it, I see that it was the same bumper on my Echo that was damaged…but it was my fault that time.

It took a little bit of courage to walk into Priscilla’s and ask if anyone had silver scooter, but I did, and it turned out so well.  Maybe that’s a little good karma coming back to me?

If you want to read about the 2007 roughing up of a scooter by my Echo, Click Here.



5 thoughts on “Good Carma

  1. me says:

    Oh great story!

  2. It was all the bumper’s fault!

  3. Sundry says:

    You’re right, Mark. If it hadn’t been shamelessly loitering on that corner, nothing would have happened.

  4. Hydra says:

    That is a Mercury Marquis and if you look at the back window it is inset at the bottom with an over hang at the top. It’s an outmatic window and can be rolled down (actually push buttoned down). The over hang prevents rain from getting in when the window is down. Sort of.

  5. Sundry says:

    Gotta love boys who know their cars. 😀 You’ll have to take a look at the photos of my grandparents’ cars on FB and ID them!

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