Will Work for Cake

Kitty made a lemon cake for MusicMan’s belated birthday celebration, but the frosting didn’t go far enough.  That’s her in the background whipping up more amazing frosting…using lemon juice rather than milk in a buttercream recipe.  My mouth is watering at the memory of this great taste!

The finished cake.  What?  We have to wait for MusicMan to get here?

My brother, MusicMan, told Kitty what boards to have cut, and then cut a few more pieces when he got here, and screwed them together.  Here they are, ready for assembly. This will make an 8×3 foot raised garden bed.

Completion of  Phase One.  This was done in phases because it was so blinking COLD out.  39 degrees.  Then it started to rain.   Did I mention that that is not classified as spring in Southern California, that that is the dead of winter?

After a dinner of Asian chicken/bok choy soup (that I made!) we finally got to the cake.  The rest o f the evening was given over to playing the amazing board game, Acquire.  My family is pretty much addicted to this game.


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