Making a Bed We Don’t Have to Lie In

Kitty tramps down the chicken wire that will hopefully keep the underground critters from burrowing up into the bed.  Look at the blue sky in the background!  Our nicest day, so we took a break from playing Acquire and finished this up.

Putting in the first bags of topsoil.

It took two more trips into town to get enough topsoil, organic peat and sphagnum moss to fill this up.   We stopped for lunch at Richard’s (where I had my first waitressing job the summer after I graduated from high school).

MusicMan checks out the seating options.   Looks like a good place to tend a garden!  I took lots of pictures of his simple design.   Where would one of these fit in my yard?

We dismantled the wood fence Kitty made at one end of her old garden a while back.   Too bad it’s too wet for a bonfire!

Just a shot of the pump handle in the back yard with the forsythia in bloom in the background.   Spring’s beginning to happen here.  The jet berry bush outside Kitty’s bedroom window went from barren to sprouting little green leaves while I was there.

The daffodils are going crazy at the edge of the old garden.   Kitty and I cut the tall stuff in the background down the next day.  Also I dug out most of the black raspberry bushes that had been moved from the woods more than 50 years ago. Lots of good breakfasts came out of that patch.

The fields and woods in the background are part of what used to be my grandparents’ 80-acre farm.  I was so lucky to be allowed to grow up roaming all that space, and the lanes and back roads of that corner of Noble County.  What a great place to start.

Pegerty and her husband returned from a quick trip to Wisconsin they’d had planned before I wedged my vacation in between others in my workplace, and there was time for more Acquire in the evening.  😀


5 thoughts on “Making a Bed We Don’t Have to Lie In

  1. Hydra says:

    You guys look pretty c-c-c-c-old working out in the yard. Does summer ever get to Indiana. Oh yes, and thank you Sundry for bringing the cold weather back with you from Indiana to Acton. Did you forget we live in Southern California and not Southern Alaska? I thought you loved me.

  2. RuthG says:

    What cool creative activities for your family time!

  3. Sundry says:

    Aren’t I the lucky one to have these great kids! Fun and creative time! -Kitty

  4. jazz says:

    I just put one of these raised beds in my back yard last year. I love mine but didn’t think of putting something down to keep out the burrowing animals. We built ours a lot like this one. It works quite well. Sorry I missed you while you were in Indiana, maybe next time. 🙂

  5. Sundry says:

    Hydra – Ha! I couldn’t decide what to bring back as a souvenir and cold weather seemed the most likely to make a big impression!

    RuthG – My family’s pretty creative on a lot of fronts. Lucky me.

    Sundry – Um. Mom? I seem to have left myself signed in on your computer.

    Jazz – I want to find a place in my little yard for one now. I started improving the soil in my garden yesterday and have more to do tomorrow.

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