Dan Gagen, Noble County Artist to Watch

We made a detour to Picture This/In Print in Kendallville, IN on our way up to Elkhart on Tuesday.   Dan Gagen’s show opened on Saturday and I wasn’t able to make it, but we were able to see his amazing work in person.

Check out more of Dan’s work by clicking here.  It’s even better in person, where you can see the brush strokes in the black and white images and the texture in the stained glass-like pieces.

Kitty especially liked “colored bottles,” which is over my head in this photo.  If you go to his site, you can see it in more detail on the second page of images.

The Gagen family moved to Noble County when I was in high school.  I was very interested in them because Dan’s father, Mr. Gagen,  bought and ran  The Noble County American, which of course made him an instant hero of mine.  I was editor of Cat Tracks, the Central Noble High School newspaper for a year and a half as a junior and senior.   Our paper went from being mimeographed to being printed as center sheets of The Noble County American.

This not only meant that everything looked much nicer,  but we expanded our circulation like crazy.  A few of us Cat Tracks staffers would go to the Noble County American and pull out enough copies to sell at school and the rest would go out with the paper.  It was exciting to be in the press room.  Mr. Gagen had a real sense of history and reprinted a lot of stories from past issues of his paper as well as all the news of Noble County.

When I saw Dan’s art work on a friend’s Facebook page, he was kind enough to friend me, and I am now a big fan of his work.  I’m looking forward to having one of his pieces hanging in my home before too long.  He does commissions, too!  The little girl in the painting to the right is not a famous person.  Well… yet.

One of Dan Gagen’s celebrity images, to give you more of an idea of some of his work.


2 thoughts on “Dan Gagen, Noble County Artist to Watch

  1. Hey, Dan never gave me back my “Star Trek Concordance”. And how geeky am I to remember that? 🙂

    I didn’t have much fun in high school, but the Cat Tracks was a bright spot. And it was wonderful stopping by the Noble County American office!

  2. Sundry says:

    Mark – Uh oh. But I know what you mean. A guy I worked with in Fort Wayne in the early 80s borrowed my copy of
    “I Am Not Spock,” and never gave it back. I’m sure there are lots of things I’ve loaned out that never came back, but some we remember!

    Cat Tracks was good fun. Felt so important going to the NCA offices, too. We did all right.

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