Am I Blue?

I can’t really get the color to read truly on my screen.  Who knows?  Maybe it reads correctly on yours.

We originally picked Periwinkle Blue, the one on the left.  But it reads REALLY purple on the wall.  Not that you can tell from this photo.  I’m telling you, it’s like fluorescent purple.

Went back to the store and got three samples of Valspar blues.  C is for Clear Sky, P is for Perfectly Blue, S is for Sonic Sky.  The paint guy mixed the amazing little $2.95 jars and plopped them on the counter.  (Oh my god, they make me want to get two dozen and paint a mural on the side of the garage outside the dining room window.)  The paint guy said,  “You guys must be really meticulous or something.  I dare you to look at these three paints and tell them apart.”

Well, they looked fairly similar wet.  But yes, we could identify the colors.   We went with Perfectly Blue.  The Clear Sky is very powdery looking and the Sonic Sky, while it was my favorite paint name, wasn’t quite as…deep as the Perfectly Blue.

I don’t know.  Is a blue house a cliche?   We love blue.  And we want something different without going dark, because in this sunny climate, dark paint draws heat and is more prone to fading.   There are some nice newly painted dark green and dark brown houses in our neighborhood.  And some in the yellows and grays that where popular ten years ago, about the time our house was last painted (it went from yellow to gray–innovative!).   Most of the houses are in various shades of soil.

Yeah, that’s a nice word for dirt.

You know what?  The economy’s bad, the publishing world is undecipherable, things are glum enough without living in a brown house.

We’re gonna live in a blue house.   When you drive up the road to visit us, we’ll be able to say, “Just look for the blue house.  The proud blue house.”


2 thoughts on “Am I Blue?

  1. I think this is one time when having the blues is good!

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