Blue by You

Perfectly Blue and ready to go!

Of course, in getting this shot, I dripped a bunch of paint.  Thank goodness for the big canvas drop cloth.

I am loving the drop cloth, but handling it reminded me of making flats as a theater carpenter, and I spent the first 20 minutes of painting thinking of things I could do with the drop cloth after we’re done with the house/garage/shed painting.

After that I waxed poetic for about an hour, thinking of ways to work the lessons of house painting into an essay that Tin House would just trip all over itself to publish.

Then I descended into an orgy of podcast listening.  Mostly RadioLab, punctuated by Marc Maron’s terrific interview with Gary Shandling on his WTF podcast.  This end of the house will always whisper Maron and Shandling just a little bit.

I sustained myself with this beautiful ugly pizza while I worked.  It was breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Just a Trader Joe’s pizza crust topped with good olive oil, chopped tomatoes, garlic powder, fennel seeds, dots of a mozzarella-like cheese I found in the fridge, and some fresh basil after it came out of the oven.

Worked from 7:30 – 5:30.  10 hours.  Got about 40 feet of the first 60 foot long wall painted.  Ate cold pizza with one hand, brushed on paint with the other.

It was interesting to hear all the birds in the yard, and flying back and forth overhead during the day.  The quail come by a few times a day.  Ravens are in nesting  mode, and very vocal.  At one point I was standing under the cedar tree and a cone plopped to the ground at  my feet.  Then I heard a caaaww from above.  I think I was in the raven’s territory!

All in all a good day, if exhausting.

p.s.  The blog title is an homage to a high school friend who thought that was the title of the Linda Ronstadt song.


6 thoughts on “Blue by You

  1. Ah, I knew I wasn’t alone in listening to podcasts while working. I usually listen to The Dennis Miller Show, I Should be Writing, or Litopia After Dark, a podcast about writing and publishing.

  2. me says:

    Congratulations…your house looks lovely in blue! In Perfectly Blue! How fun to follow along with your day! (And I’m not a bit tired!)

  3. Kathy Rogers says:

    I love Radiolab. I think I recently commanded everyone on Facebook (OK, not EVERYONE, just everyone I know) to listen to it. I listen to podcasts when I garden, fold laundry, cook, drive…

    Love the pretty blue.

  4. Sundry says:

    This must be the reason I robotically added it to my podcast subscriptions. Though if Matt reads this he might want the credit for turning me on to it. Love the way they say, “We’re not going to figure this out during this hour…”

  5. Sundry says:

    Mark, those podcasts look interesting.

  6. Well, they’re interesting to me! Dennis Miller might be too politically right for you, although I find him hilarious — but the others are both interesting and often have great writing and publishing information on them.

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