Dosa Doh! Sundry Meets the Dosa Truck

A friend of mine is working on the Dosa Truck this summer.   It was scheduled to be at The Pointe (corner of Alameda and Bob Hope Drive) in Burbank.  I walked down there to sample their wares.  At a mile there and a mile back, it was a nice lunch break walk.  And on the way back to the office, I had a yummy Slumdog Dosa to eat and ginger limeade to sip.

I’ll let the Dosa Truck explain it to you on their site.  Basically, it’s like a crepe stuffed with, in this case pureed curried potato and spinach, mainly.  Just really yum.  I went for a combo and was able to share the samosa that came with it back at the office.  OneL rightly commented that the samosa stuffing seemed fluffier than the run of the mill samosa we’re used to.  They’re supposed to be back in two weeks.  YUM!

This was my first gourmet food truck experience… I don’t think it’ll be the last!

A side of smiles is included in your order!


3 thoughts on “Dosa Doh! Sundry Meets the Dosa Truck

  1. RuthG says:

    Sounds YUM! & since you had that walk, no guilt was involved at all, yay!

  2. Sundry says:

    It’s been a walky week at work. A few years ago my mechanic moved to a new shop that’s just over a mile from where I work, so when I dropped the Tahoe off for a check up, I did it on foot. Stopped at a salon along the way for a haircut on the way to pick it up. Walking in the Valley is not all that common, but it’s possible!

  3. me says:

    Very interesting…the owner’s neat. I love it that you’re out there trying out all L.A. has to offer…and cluing us into it!

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