Dusk Drive into the Alabama Hills and Up Whitney Portal Road


Since this is a partial working vacation, I worked my job using my laptop and the campground’s wifi. Hydra took our copy of On Location in Lone Pine  and went off in search of old movie sets.  They filmed Lives of a Bengal Lancer, Gunga Din and scores of other films up here…including the explosive weapons test at the beginning of Iron Man.  When I was done working we took Lubken County Road away from the campground and approached the Alabama Hills from a different direction that usual.

Enjoying the quiet of the canyon where the Temple of Kali set was built for Gunga Din.

Truly bummed that my Nikon D80 DSLR started giving me error messages and refusing to respond, but the little Nikon S6000 gave the low light a good run for its money.

Gorgeous time of the evening to be alive, pretty much anywhere with a view.

Turning around on Whitney Portal Road can be dicey!   They filmed the scary mountain driving scene in The Long, Long Trailer  on this road.


Sunset in the Owens Valley, looking north from Whitney Portal Road, somewhere around 7,ooo feet.

Ready to head back down.  The most interesting conversation of the day was a snippet I heard from the guys ahead of us in line at the pizza place in Lone Pine.  Apparently a woman slipped and fell on the switchbacks near the top of Mt. Whitney and 14 other hikers were involved in the accident.  She was hurt the worst, with a cut up arm.  There are a lot of people up there on any given hiking day, even though you have to have a permit to climb past Whitney Portal.


2 thoughts on “Dusk Drive into the Alabama Hills and Up Whitney Portal Road

  1. Cousin Sharon says:

    You are in an amazingly beautiful area. The pictures are gorgeous. I just want to jump into them and be a part of the beauty. Enjoy!

  2. Sundry says:

    You’d love it! No beaches, but as you said, lots of great views!

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