Cherries Jubilant

Had an email while we were gone saying that the cherry orchards were open for picking in the Leona Valley, which is about  a 20 minute drive for me, so I headed up on Wednesday afternoon.  This is a cherry map, though only Bings were still available by the 22nd, when I was able to get there.

The orchardman wasn’t sure whether there were enough cherries for him to stay open through the weekend, so asked my opinion.  I thought he had quite a lot of fruit out there, but not tons.  He decided to stay open Thursday and Friday, but close on Saturday.

We talked about the hard cold winter that we had this season.  I told him the sad news I learned a while back, that Blum Ranch won’t have any peaches this year, since they lost their crop to the freeze.  He said the air was cold up past 2000 feet, which is unusual here, so there was no inversion layer and that Blum likely counts on windmills rather than smudge pots to try to heat their orchards.

This is about a quarter of the 20 pounds I picked!  It was fun, and a good deal, and we had two potlucks to go to over the weekend, so we took big bowls of cherries to each of them.  (And none were left at the end of those days!)

Bought a cherry pitter.  Took a little time to get the hang of it, but it is pretty handy.

Made this clafouti a few days later.  Very simple.  Very custardy.

My recipe was from the wonderful How to Pick a Peach by Russ Parsons.  This one is quite a bit like it.


One thought on “Cherries Jubilant

  1. me says:

    Oh your clafouti looks delicious! With coffee or a tall glass of cold milk…yum!

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