Zucchini Breaded!

There were a few more good sized zucchinis in the garden this morning, so when I got back from my 5:30 a.m. Zumba class, I made a batch of zucchini bread (1 medium loaf, 1 small loaf, 12 muffins and 24 mini muffins) and a batch of Savory Cheddar Zucchini Muffins (1 small loaf and 58 mini muffins), most of which is headed for the freezer.    We’re getting together with family on Saturday, and these will come  in handy since we are assigned to bring appetizers.

Elsewhere in the garden, the squirrels completely ravaged my big tomato plant, so I put wildlife netting around the other four.  Had my first two tiny red grape tomatoes this morning!  The cucumbers seem to be doubling in size every day for the past few days, and there’s at least one that’s almost as big as my little finger.   The eggplant that was forming is mysteriously gone.  I don’t think squirrels are getting in there, but what else?   Thai basil has grown enough that I’ve used it several times in buckwheat noodles with bok choy and spinach.  Smells pretty much like sweet basil, but it’s decidedly more spicy.  Herbs are all holding their own.   We have probably a dozen bunches of Thompson grapes this year, more than ever before.  Trying to keep the critters off of them with wildlife netting.

Very hopeful that we’ll be able to serve tomatoes, cukes and zukes (or zuke-products) to Lights & Action when they visit at the end of the month!

Does anyone else have a favorite way to serve zucchini?   I may try  a zucchini quiche.   One of my favorite recipes is one I heard on the radio a couple of years ago for a fresh zucchini salad.  We’ve had this one already this year.


5 thoughts on “Zucchini Breaded!

  1. shuju says:

    Oh my, they look delicious!

  2. me says:

    Delicious, yes! I do believe I can smell them! ummmm!

  3. Sundry says:

    Hee! They are good! I think I’ll probably tweak the cheddar cheese zucchini muffins a little down the road…

  4. Cuz Toni says:

    Family is at the airport anxiously awaiting their flight. Can not tell you how much I wish I was with them! Not just for the company, but to sample these delights as well!

  5. Sundry says:

    Aw! I know! We’ll miss you! Looking very much forward to tomorrow even though we’ll have to suffer along without you and the G-Man.

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