Harvest Home

First little grape tomatoes!   I have one Juliet grape tomato and one generic one from Lowe’s.  These are the generics.  Not as big, but pretty flavorful.

I watched one of the Persian cucumbers double in size about every day last week, and decided to pick in on Sunday afternoon.  Poked around and found all these lurking under the leaves!  I love Persian cucumbers…all the flavor of a pickling cucumber, but with very tender skin.

Earlier in the week I made pickled watermelon rind (on the left) and some zucchini relish (on the right).  They both turned out great.

I just used some of the brine from the watermelon to make the relish.  Heated chopped zucchini and onion in the brine, then let it cool and infuse.  It would look more appetizing with a little red bell pepper in it.  I think I’ll add that before I serve it.

Cucumber and pickled watermelon salad, made up on the fly from things I had on hand.  The recipe just serves one.

Two Persian cucumbers, sliced

1/4  cup pickled watermelon, sliced

2 Tbs fresh basil, chopped or cut into strips

1 Tbs fresh mint, chopped

Lemon juice to taste


I don’t like heavy dressings.  They just cover the flavor of the yummy things in the salad.


3 thoughts on “Harvest Home

  1. me says:

    Everything looks terrific. Love seeing those cucs all lined up! I’ll definitely plant some of those next year!

  2. Karen says:

    Sounds like your garden is giving you a nice harvest.

  3. Sundry says:

    It’s a small garden, but it’s really producing this year. Except for the eggplant. All the blossoms and young eggplants dropped off this past week while the other things were doing so well. 😦

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