Rural Cheesecake


An undated, unmarked photograph I found at a  junk shop.  I have some thoughts about the circumstances, but would love to hear your ideas first, if any spring to mind.



4 thoughts on “Rural Cheesecake

  1. me says:

    The soldier boyfriend of this West Virginia (Tennessee?) girl has been begging for a picture before he is shipped out to the south seas. She’s going to send him one designed to keep his attention for the duration. It’ll make him homesick not only for her, but the ‘homeplace,’ the mountains, and the fields (of tobacco?) Her sister, who’s taking the picture, is telling her, “Smile!”

  2. ruth kozak says:

    I really like the above comment. Yes, I agree. She’s posed for someone special and the whole scene captures a nostalgic moment.

  3. Kathy Rogers says:

    I dunno. I think homegirl has some misguided Hollywood aspirations…

  4. bells says:

    Nah. It could by either of our mothers (although they were prettier) goofing around while on a bike ride. I have pictures of them both, on a country road, draping themselves over “Dangerous Curves” signs.

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