13th Century Party Girl

The plaque says that  she doesn’t conform to any of the known goddess types, but that she’s obviously a fertility goddess because of the fruit she holds in her right hand.   I think she could just be the hot woman who brought the mangoes to the party.

I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the ancient Hindu sculpture at the Norton Simon the other day.  I think practicing yoga helps me understand the blissful expressions on some of the faces.  I walked around and then sat in front of this 13th century statue for a while and wrote.


This is a representation of the time Vishnu took the form of a boar to rescue the earth, which had been submerged in water by another god.  The earth is represented by “the diminutive female figure emerging from his mouth.  The second, larger female perched on his snout is Vishnu’s principal wife, Lakshmi, who holds a lotus flower.”  Trippy!

The round heads at the base of this one seemed very unusual to me, and haunting.

Also revisited Maurice-Quentin de la Tour who painted this self-portrait in 1764.  I have had a little crush on him since the first time we met, years ago.

Antipasta and I met here for our bi-weekly writing date.  It worked well on a lot of levels.  Nice to have a little inspiration.   Good atmosphere in the little cafe at midweek.  And even though it’s 10-15 minutes further away from home for me, it sets me up to take the 210 and avoid the whole North 5 mess during rush hour.  It was a nice smooth drive  even though I left at 5pm.


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