Wherefore Art Thou Juliet?



All the grape tomatoes are lovely, but the Juliets are so big and tasty, they’re easy to use in recipes.   I had them cooked up with garlic and fresh basil and some kalamata olives over bowtie pasta the other night.  Then in cous cous today.   Seems like the Juliet plants come to the nursery a couple of weeks after the first tomato plants do. Next year I’ll remember not to jump too fast on the first ones they offer.

My little garden patch gives me so much more than the price of the groceries I’m not buying.  It’s been a really hard week at work to the tune of 12 hours on Monday, and 9 on both Tuesday and Wednesday.  The sort of work I do–research that aims to keep television shows from getting sued–requires a lot of concentration and I’ve been a little shredded every night when I get home.  Today I worked a regular 8 hours, but ran errands on the way home, so it still felt long.

When I got home, I watered the tomatoes, picked another batch, and went searching  amongst the leaves for cucumbers and zucchini.  Yay, more snapping fresh food.  The zucchini just oozes when I pull it off the vine.  I also snipped some chives and thai basil to add to the red potatoes I bought and steamed for dinner.

It’s like a little bit of Christmas every time I go looking for food in my yard and find it.




2 thoughts on “Wherefore Art Thou Juliet?

  1. me says:

    Yes! A garden can be a real stress-reliever, can’t it? Especially when it is doing as well as yours is!

  2. Sundry says:

    This variety of zucchini this year has a variegated leaf and it grew up more than sideways at first, which was good for my limited space garden. It’s getting filled with plants!

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