Welcome to the Hotel Earle

Hydra and I both had a little shudder when we turned into the hall our room is on at Bally’s.

You get bonus points if this brings to mind the same movie!

We are getting a real bargain on the room at $41/night, but it includes next to nothing.  No gym access (that’s $21/day), no fridge ($15/day), no coffee pot in the room (!!), no free Internet.  I am working from here this week and paying $13.95/day for the privilege!  But I guess it’s better than paying for a bunch of stuff we wouldn’t use.

One of the organizers of our gathering has a suite where we’re all getting together throughout the day and evening.  It’s funny because there’s a big open bath area with a bathtub in the middle of it…but it’s just a regular sized tub!  I guess that was luxurious in 1973, when Bally’s opened.  As it is, it feels a little old school.

There’s a coffee maker in the suite but it’s small, so we bought a coffee maker at WalMart for everyone to use that we’ll use in the trailer from now on.   Way cheaper than the $2.50-3:50 cups downstairs.   Been having yogurt from the cooler every morning, which is keeping me happily distant from the big breakfasts!


2 thoughts on “Welcome to the Hotel Earle

  1. me says:

    Well, yeah…nothing in the way of amenities….but actually only $41 a day? Pretty darn remarkable at that! The gorgeous view alone is almost worth that! In fact, you probably should be feeling a little guilty for not gambling. Gypping them out of their money! 🙂

  2. I know a guy who was a caretaker there one winter, but he disappeared …

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