Wednesday Morning Goin’ Down

Outside Encore.

Ells and I walked between 50 minutes and an hour and fifty minutes every morning around 7:00.   Parts of the strip were already rocking and rolling, but the street was fairly quiet.   You notice the street people more at this hour.   We passed a heavy hunched over woman with long witchy-white hair streaming out from under her hat.   She stopped and wiggled a little hoochie-coo right in front of us and we could see her heavy make-up.  Wonder if she sat on Sinatra’s lap back in the day.


Detail of a crystal peacock inside Encore.   Seemed to have a French Colonial feel to it.

Impressive structure.  Fashion Week signs up all over this one.



No, these  are not my walking shoes.  I overheard one seventy-something say to another, about some similar heels, “Oh, they’re so cute!”  The other replied brightly, “Not as cute as a broken ankle!”

It’s a town of excesses, for sure.


One thought on “Wednesday Morning Goin’ Down

  1. me says:

    It’s been so interesting, getting your take on Vegas! Thanks!

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