Someone’s in the Kitchen

What will I get up to when I’m cooking at home for two weeks straight?  Lots of the usual stuff… Chicken stew (in spite of the hot weather), fish poached in a caper/white wine/lemon broth, etc.   But I also played around a little.  Pulled the puff pastry out and tried a tomato tart.

Concluded that I need to understand more about phyllo dough. It was doughy all under the tomatoes.  Was I supposed to cook it all the way before topping it?

Corn bread in my little Pyrex containers.   I had it for breakfast with warm milk and molasses.  Yeah, that’s my Hoosier showing again.

A more modern approach to breakfast.  Or, well, everything old is new again: steel cut oats with local honey & almonds.

Good ol’ comfort food in the form of Tollhouse chocolate chip cookies with whole milk.  The whole milk actually feels more decadent than the cookies!


2 thoughts on “Someone’s in the Kitchen

  1. me says:

    Ummm, ummm! Stop teasing!

  2. Sundry says:

    Me – I have to make notes so I remember what to do again when you’re here!

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