This is Not a (Nuclear) Test

This is what happens when you look away from your zucchini for a couple of weeks.  If you have a parrot, that is.

Seriously large.


3 thoughts on “This is Not a (Nuclear) Test

  1. markrhunter says:

    This brings back nightmares from my high school years, when our entire back yard was turned into a garden and seemingly overrun with those things. If I’d been served one more zucchini dish, I’d have gone postal!

  2. me says:

    That’s one big zuke! And of course Dodger sees it as just another fun thing to play with. Hmmmm….unless that expression means he’s protecting you from it! (“Stay back Sundry!”)

  3. Sundry says:

    Mark – Yeah, it’s getting a little old around here about now. We had steamed zucchini with olive oil and Parmesan with our fish today. I guess I’ll grate this one up and freeze it to make zucchini bread with.

    Me – I think he’s just proud of his conquest…then again, I didn’t challenge him! ;D

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