Brush with Reality (TV) – Catch & Release, Hollywood Style

Snapped this photo of Harvey Levin changing shirts between takes filming crowd interviews for The People’s Court.  I figure since Harvey’s website is always posting awkward celebrity photos and stories, he won’t mind.  (No there’s no link to his site; I am actually opposed to celebrity hounding.)

We were approached on a street corner at the Santa Monica Promenade on Saturday and asked if we’d like to help film a segment for The People’s Court.  What the heck?  Sure.  Almost every time Kitty’s out here we have some sort of celebrity encounter.  Maybe that’s because we pry ourselves loose from our mountainish home and go places where all walks of life like to be.

True to the coordinator’s promise, our participation took only about 10 minutes.  We were lined up along a wall out of sight of the shot they were filming with the group ahead of us and told that our segment will air on January 4, 2012.  Also that this is supposed to be New York…you’ve gotta love reality TV, am I right?

After a few minutes our group of maybe a dozen people was ushered into an 8×8 (or so) taped off square on the sidewalk.   Mr. Levin told us about a case in general and got our general group reaction, then gave capsule version of the case’s major issue to the camera with a bit more detail than we’d heard before.

And boom!  He turned around and put a big microphone in my face and was asking me what I thought.  I don’t remember exactly what I said, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t scintillating or particularly well thought out.  I think parts of my face may have gone temporarily numb.  Probably the parts that otherwise make a person look intelligent.  We’ll see in January, I guess.

They must get what they want with this method.  We repeated the process two more times in quick succession with different scenarios.  Harvey asked me questions again, Kitty and Hydra both answered, and others in the crowd had a chance too.

We were thanked, reminded of the air date, and released to continue our Saturday.

I imagine this is what a fish feels like when it’s been caught and tossed back into the water.


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