Boil Those Peanuts Down, Boys!

Have you ever had boiled peanuts?  They’re amazing. I’d never cooked them before this weekend, but just seeing raw peanuts at the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market brought back memories of buying damp brown paper bags full of them as a little kid as I traveled with my family from Northern Indiana to the coast of South Carolina.

Just look at the size of these peanuts!  Big and healthy looking.  The farmer told me that I could boil them from 40 minutes to 4 hours.  I suspect that the nearly mushy legumes we bought from the dark little roadside shacks along the pre-interstate highways were cooked for a long long time, but Kitty and I decided to try them after about an hour to see what we thought.

They’re delicious.  Subtly peanutty, tender and mildly salty.  I would love to find a regular source of these so I could offer them to friends who may not have had this delicacy.  Maybe the way peanuts really should be approached.

If you see them in the store, by all means get some!   Cover them with water, add some salt and boil ‘em for an hour.  Take some out and boil the rest longer, see what you think.


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