On the Streets of Bakersfield

Wind farms at the base of the mountains that parallel the 14 between Edwards Air Force Base and Mojave.   Saturday, a beautiful day for a drive.


More wind farming.  Disruptive, but not as ugly as strip mining.

Entering the San Joaquin Valley.   There was some haze in the air.

Live oaks on a golden grassy hillside like this…that’s  just quintessentially California to me.

Having been to The Pyrenees Cafe several times, we decided to try the Wool Growers Restaurant.  We had the family style lunch special, which was lamb.  It came with cabbage soup, salsa, beans, salad (simple and yummy), and two plates of lamb…one cut roast beef style and one of shanks that were incredibly tender.   Kind of love the gold and paneling decor inside.  Old but very clean.

Our GPS was right… It took an hour and a half to get from our house to Old Town Bakersfield.

We went to the antiques stores along 19th Street in Old Town.  There are about 5 within two or three blocks.  Amazing 1930s bar that some one misguidedly thought would look better painted red.  I don’t know, maybe the veneer was really messed up, but this color is so flat.  Must have been amazing in someone’s living room.

I found this Shirley Temple pitcher kind of ghostly.

There were four aisles of old toasters in one store.  Many of the stores or booths had sales of 15-20% off,  but the only thing we brought home was a cabasa percussion instrument that was about 30% less than a new one.

Hydra took this photo near the junction of the 58 and the 14, on the far side of Mojave from Acton, on the way home. Neither of us is a hardcore antiquer, but we get the bug to check things out every so often.   I like being around old things.  Which is probably why Hydra and I get along so well.  Hee hee.

We were amused by the GPS’s Australian voice struggling with Mojave.  As most of you will know, it’s pronounced mo-hahv’-ay.  GPS Samantha, however, guided us past mo-hayve.  Still,  I prefer her mangling of Spanish place names to the American voice’s mangling.


4 thoughts on “On the Streets of Bakersfield

  1. Gala says:

    LOVE that bar. Wish I could snatch it up and paint it a glossy ebony. Oooh la la!

  2. Sundry says:

    You’re right, it would look great in a glossy black!

  3. me says:

    I think I need to wander Bakersville sometime!

  4. Sundry says:

    I think so too, K. There’s more than antiques to the town. I want to check out the art museum, etc.

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