Kale and Angel Hair Pasta

Finished reading a charming book called Clara’s Kitchen: Wisdom, Memoriesa and Recipes from the Great Depressionby Clara Cannucciari and her grandson Christopher Cannucciari.  There is a definite tendency toward dressing everything in olive oil, garlic, salt and  pepper.   Though I don’t think kale shows up in this book, since Trader Joe’s made it easy for me to include super-healthy kale in my diet by offering it chopped and pre-washed, I’ve been trying to think of ways to use it.

For a single serving I steamed about a cup of kale in the microwave while I sautéed  three or four mushrooms in olive oil with a small clove of garlic.  Added the kale to the cast iron skillet in the last minute or two of cooking, which seems to have given it an interesting flavor.  Tossed that with the angel hair pasta and sprinkled Parmesan over it with a bit of salt and pepper.  Delicious and satisfying!


One thought on “Kale and Angel Hair Pasta

  1. me says:

    Um um! Both to the picture and the description!

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