I’ve Got Your Childproof Cap Right Here

It all started with a mild mannered cough on Monday evening.  On Tuesday it was a full fledged flu.  It wiped me out so much–though I worked some hours from home–that I didn’t leave the house for six days straight.  Couldn’t eat.  Lost ten pounds.  (Can I keep that off, please?)

By last night, when the recovery threatened to turn into bronchitis, I was in no mood to fiddle around with the adult-resistant cap on the prescription cough syrup left over from last time.

Looking forward to returning to real life tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “I’ve Got Your Childproof Cap Right Here

  1. RuthG says:

    Oh, how I sympathize with taking the wrench to that cap! And so sorry you’ve been sick. I’ve had that kind of flu a couple of times, & I had to spend a whole week in bed each time. I’m glad you’re starting to feel human again. Don’t overdo it! Hugs.

    • Sundry says:

      Thanks, Ruth! I was hoping to go out Saturday night for some music, but it just wasn’t happening. Working today, but planning a nap or two under my desk! ;D

  2. ? says:

    I’m seeing this post way, way late! How’d you get over that without me worrying about you!?

  3. Sundry says:

    Residual love, I guess.

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