Mac Attack!

Actually, high fiber whole grain penne and cheese, but you get the drift.

Hydra admits that even though he is no fan of the casserole, he likes mac and cheese.  Luckily, the big pan is going to a potluck later today.

I used this recipe because it’s simple, and simple tends to work for me.   I sampled the smaller one and it’s tasty but a little dry.  It is custard-style recipe.  Maybe what I really wanted was a creamier style?   Maybe when I divided it, more liquid went into the big pan?  Does it matter than I”m using penne rather than macaroni?

Whatever happens, it has a lot of cheddar cheese in it, and that’s always good.  As Julia Child advised, “Never apologize.:  So if it’s not exactly perfect tonight I’ll just pretend this is my absolute favorite recipe.

I guess all in all I’d rather be able to whip up a light, satisfying veggie dish that I can live on rather than ace the comfort foods…but I’d like to be really good at both!

Anyone have a great mac and cheese recipe to share?   Especially one that travels well?


3 thoughts on “Mac Attack!

  1. Las Weezas says:

    I can’t believe how good this looks. Oh wait….I love mac and cheese, I believe it, I believe it. I could eat a lot of that right now. Good thing I can’t since it is only a picture. You cook a mean lookin’ casserole girlfriend!

  2. Sundry says:

    I have to admit I was helpless in the presence of this stuff. Ate it for breakfast and lunch till the leftovers ran out! Not so big a batch next time!

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