To Those Who Wait…!

Kitty just returned from several weeks in sunny Oaxaca and Puerto Escondido, Mexico.  Before she went, she lamented that she didn’t know what to get for my mid-January birthday.  I told her to pick up something down there for me.  Whoo!  What a good idea that was!  This week I received this amazing box of goodies, each with a fun note.  Unpacking it was so much fun that I put everything back in the box so I could pull it out again when I had enough light to get good pix.

It’s especially nice of Kitty to send me this, since she doesn’t share my fascination with Day of the Dead items.  This matchbox will go on the mantle with other skeleton from other years.  I love it!

Lovely bracelet.  And look closely!  It’s preserved beans and seeds!

Facial mud from the same source as the little pot on the right, which naturally turns out this black surface.  It’ll be fun to try.  (I picked up the little moon faced pot when I was there with Kitty years ago.  Wonderful trip.  So many bright images remain.

Wonderful little porcelain box for matches!  It replaces the two I bought when I was there and subsequently broke.  I’ll have this on my writing table in the library, to light the candles I like to write by in the early morning.

Seeing these, I could almost taste the mildly seasoned rice we had for breakfast so often when I was in Cuidad de Oaxaca.  And that’s authentic Oaxacan queso (cheese) in the background!  I’m going to have some in a bit.  The bowls will be filled with braised fennel and seasoned quinoa.  Mmmm!

Thanks Kitty!  Your travels always inspire me.  And I like the gifties an awful lot!!


2 thoughts on “To Those Who Wait…!

  1. ? says:

    Well…that was nice! It really made being there more fun…finding little things here and there to bring home to you. I wasn’t into buying for myself, since I’d done that on my earlier trips. (Maybe this is now the official end of your extended birthday) 🙂

  2. Sundry says:

    Yes, the end of my birthday coincides with the beginning of my min-spring break, so that’s perfect!

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