Spring Break – Day 3

Big rocks, tiny human.

We had a leisurely morning at the house, using our new Cirque mugs for coffee.  Then did sort of a movie road tour of Sierra Highway on our way to Ventura.  First stop, Vasquez Rocks, where that embarrassing alligator-alien Star Trek fight was filmed.  (When we got home that night we saw these rocks in two different commercials on TV.)

No, you can’t come down off the rock until we have all the photos!

The Halfway House Cafe… another frequently-used film and television shooting site.

Love these signs at the back of Wild Planet in Ventura.  Yeah, these shoes are killers!   We always stop into this little poster/jewelry/clothing/head shop when we’re in town.  They always have interesting stuff.  Phenom bought some ear doo-dads.

Some kind of cool graffiti on the train trestle at Emma Wood State Beach.

We decided against a long hike on the rocky beach, because it was cold and windy.  Sigh.  Headed home, where we had a nice relaxing last evening.  Supper was fish and veggies at home, and then we watched Smash together.

Phenom’s flight left at 7:00 in the morning, so we got up really early and went for breakfast before she headed home.  Wonderful visit.  Good for all of us, I think.  Gives me hope.


3 thoughts on “Spring Break – Day 3

  1. markrhunter says:

    I recognized those rocks instantly!

  2. Sundry says:

    They’re pretty distinctive!

  3. ? says:

    Thanks for the spring break Sundry! Everybody needs one!

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