Circling Los Angeles

We ventured down to Venice, CA to meet up with the OC cousins and Michigan cousins here on a visit.  I thought ahead to juice up the batteries for my good camera, and then forgot to put it in the car.   Sigh.  Photos Well, there was a lot to think about as we prepped for the day, since  we were going down to the beach in the morning, and then out to Claremont to see Ronny Cox in a house concert.  (About 200 miles of driving alone!)  These were taken with my LG smartphone.

This photo is of a mural of developer Abbot Kinney who made Venice, CA happen.  There’s  a lot of good street art in Venice, on the walls, being sold on the beachwalk.  I need to go back with a good camera some time soon.  The bits of old buildings always fascinate me.  The contrast between the large numbers of street people by the beach and the upscale stores on Main Street is amazing.


I was trying for a shot of the completely sticker-covered soda pop machine behind this guy as he set up his small shop for the day.

Gull on a table.

Harley starts a long day of people watching.  That is, if Harley is in the right chair.  The sign on the other side says “Lisa.”  Is Lisa a dog or a person?  We never found out.

We walked around for a couple of hours.  I bought a couple of inexpensive pieces of artwork for the house.  We went to Santa Monica to walk along the beach there and to visit the King’s Head Shoppe.

Then headed across the city to meet up with friends for dinner and then to see Ronny Cox at a house concert. (In the home of one of my Harmonista pals…that’s the group I’m singing with.)  It was wonderful!   We were the first people to arrive, and he came out and greeted us and stood there talking to us about the 40th anniversary of Deliverance, which was his first film.  He played the nice guy who played the guitar with the autistic kid at the beginning of the movie… Dueling Banjos!

I asked about the tv series Apple’s Way, which I thought might not have mattered to him much, but which I loved as a kid.  He said it was actually the project that caused him to move to Los Angeles.

We had front row seats for the concert in a room that held about 30 concert goers.  Very friendly and fun evening.

Finally arrived home around 11:30 at night, having left home at 9:30 in the morning.  Happy and tired.

2 thoughts on “Circling Los Angeles

  1. ? says:

    You two do such interesting things! Sounds like a great day!

  2. Sundry says:

    We do have fun. Even more when you’re here!

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