Send in the Empty Roosters

Dodger discovered the stones I’d hidden in the French rolling rooster.  He tossed a bunch of them out then stood on the rooster’s head and did a creditable impression of the Cooper’s Hawk that has been hanging out in the back yard.  Quite loud.  We try not to overreact…or really to react at all, which would encourage him to do it more!

In other bird news: Little buddies, Ricky (in gray) and Gus (in blue, looking short) in Gus’s newly renovated cage.  Gus has been falling off his perch more and more often, especially at night, and sometimes two or three times.  It’s heartbreaking.

Hydra put a couple of layers of towels under the newspaper at the bottom of Gus’s cage to cushion the falls.  Then last night he thought of blocking off the top part of the cage, because in spite of the fact that Gus’s little feet are curled up most of the time, he–like most birds, I suspect–is compelled to go to the highest perch.

Gus is a tough little guy.  He had birth defects when we bought him that rendered him unable to fly, and his little feet have been increasingly deformed over the course of his almost five years of life. None of that ever stopped him from walking the whole length of the house to climb the ladder back into his cage when he wanted to– squeezing under the bedroom door to get there sometimes–or from taking off from the playset when the other budgies flew away, only to land on his belly on the carpet.  When we got the wood floors, we put down a pillow for him to land on, but lately we’ve been letting him just hang out in his cage and Ricky’s, which seems to make him happiest.

Ricky often stands guard at the door.  The other day, when Gus wouldn’t get off the floor, Ricky squawked until I came over to have a look.  Nothing to do, he’s better off on the floor.  I’m glad Gus has Ricky to watch out for him.


3 thoughts on “Send in the Empty Roosters

  1. Wazeau says:

    Poor Gus 😦 Love the picture of the grey on the rooster though! Better imitating the hawk then I rooster I think.

  2. ? says:

    Oh! Gus is so fortunate to have his friend Ricky! How sweet he is. I loved seeing Dodger being a hawk! ha

  3. Sundry says:

    Wazeau – When he looks right at me and does the hawk in full voice, it’s pretty thrilling, I have to say!

    ? – Yeah, our little parrothawk. And you’re right, Gus needs someone on his side.

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