I had the idea to use this photo display thing to organize my earrings when I first saw it at Pier One, but I couldn’t quite justify the $20.   Found it on sale for 20% off and decided it was fated to come to our house.

Here it is, hung above the bathtub in the master bathroom where hardly anyone but us will ever see it.  It works really well!  But only if you have hippy wanna be tendencies like me and prefer dangly earrings, I guess.

Also got around to hanging one of the two pieces of artwork I bought on Venice Beach last weekend.  This is ink on wood.  Simple.  I like all the open space.  I tend to be interested in the sky around the things I take photos of, so maybe that’s why I bought this piece.

I just went to the artist’s page, Wood on Wood, which shows a few of his other works.  I am really drawn to his trees, and the idea of what lies underneath in some of them.  I’ve been doing a simple line drawing of a flower since–wow, sometime in high school–that plays with the same theme.


6 thoughts on “Hangings

  1. RuthG says:

    Beautiful all!

  2. kitwocky says:

    Oh – wordpress automatically switched me over to “kitwocky,” my alter ego for my soon-to-be-blog. In case you’re confused, I used to be known as Gala around these parts! xoxo

  3. Sundry says:

    Oh, look at you, Gala/kitwocky! All grown up! 😉

  4. ? says:

    Every one of these is beautiful! Lovely simple lines!!

  5. Sundry says:

    Thanks Kitty. I know that’s you behind the “?”!

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