Peepapolooza 2012!

Peeps await their fate.

In which I and my co-workers observe our annual tradition of  ritually microwave Peeps.  This celebration was started many Easters ago by Toronto who now works in, well, Toronto.

If you decide to microwave your own Peeps, be sure and use a paper plate or you’ll be soaking/chipping hard Peep remains from your Corelware for days.   Experiment to find your favorite level of hot Peep from mild to crunchy, starting with increments of 30 seconds or less.  And keep an eye on them…they get really big and the collapse.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Let the Peepapolooza begin!


3 thoughts on “Peepapolooza 2012!

  1. ? says:

    Oh the chickmanity!

  2. Sundry says:

    Hahahahaha, Kitty!

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