How to Slice an Onion by Bunny Crumpacker

Honestly, I already knew how to slice an onion in the way that Crumpacker suggests, but I’ve been picking up cook books and books about food/cooking at the library just about every time I go and this one caught my eye.  As usual, one person’s basics are sometimes another person’s amazing discoveries.

How was it that I’d missed the idea of covering chopped fresh basil with olive oil to preserve it for a week or more in the fridge?  I ended up using some of the mixture for a quick pasta dinner when I found myself short on time one evening.  Just mixed that and some Parmesan cheese into hot pasta and wow.

This is a rather rambling book, but I like the way Bunny rambles.  (Oh my, that name: Bunny Crumpacker.  Sounds like the punchline to an off color joke!)  Her style made me want to be sure and read every morsel of this book to avoid missing something. Sweet and old fashioned, like your favorite aunt might put it.

There are a few loose threads.. She advises us to save the water from boiling pasta, but never explains why.  Still, it was a fun and useful read.



2 thoughts on “How to Slice an Onion by Bunny Crumpacker

  1. Cuz Toni says:

    I save/freeze my pasta water and use it as a thickening agent for soup, stir fry anything you would use corn starch or flour for. Adds a nice flavor and a little saltiness without that flour taste or lumps!

    Will pick up this book for sure. How true about discovering new things for yourself that are habit for someone else. I love how you worded that – Perfect!

  2. Sundry says:

    Hey, Cuz Toni, thanks for the tip! I wouldn’t have thought enough starch would get into the water to make a difference. I’ll save the next batch.

    Now I’m planning what appetizers to make for Easter Saturday dinner at V’s house. We’ll be thinking of all the Michiganders, for sure.

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