Nobody Melted!

The creek did rise behind our rig on Friday of the camp out but it didn’t get out of control.  That’s us with our new Coleman canopy set up and ready to go.  Hydra and I started the day at the Starbucks in Fillmore, where I did a couple of hours of work for my day job.  It’s called reduced guilt for taking time off!

WonderWoman’s lovely Chinaberry tree, which was in bloom, was the only casualty of the rain.  😦  She said the birds planted it there when the old live oak went.  Wonder what will be there next.

Setting up to play in the Quonset hut.  We were down there for a couple of hours, but it was pretty cold for picking strings!

Can you just hear Andy Griffith saying “Everything’s better when it sits on a Ritz?”  Dodger had a great time looking out the window, watching other people set up in the rain.   We averted our eyes.

Lanamama arrived with amazing HOT fresh tamales from her favorite place in Santa Paula.  What a boon on a cold afternoon. Love the way these are wrapped.


One thought on “Nobody Melted!

  1. ? says:

    Into each life a little rain must fall. You guys make the best of it! Dodger too!

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