The Work Ahead

Six big bags of organic compost to mix into the garden and use to make potting soil for the Earthboxes we bought online.  I was looking for organic potting soil and couldn’t find any.  The person I talked to at Lowe’s couldn’t help.  We went to Greenbee Nursery and they told us that potting soil is just the same stuff you dig into your garden, mixed equally with your own soil.

Kind of weird to me that I didn’t realize that, but I guess I have to admit to myself that I am a haphazard gardener.  One of my neighbors thinks I have a green thumb, but in reality I am just stubborn.  I keep trying till something works.

Like, we’ve had mixed success with flowering things in the sunny front of our house.  Mediterranean herbs like thyme and rosemary like it there.  The English lavenders died out over the course of a few harsh winters.  I’ve put in a lot of things like Mexican heather, African daisies (which do all right and add color for a few years).  One year we had masses of petunias, but the next year, they ones I put in died.  Who knows?

We looked at Mexican sage which resembles lavender and saw that it’s cold hardy to 20 degrees, which makes it borderline useable in our yard, where we see variations from 10 degrees some winters to a week or two over 110 most summers.

Then we checked the tag on the Russian sage.  Wow.  Seems like it’ll like our sun and is cold hardy to -30 degrees.  We brought home three!

Did I get this stuff in the ground Saturday?  No.  I stacked it nicely and drove off to a rehearsal/pajama party with the singing quartet I’m a member of, The Harmonistas.  We’re gearing up to compete in the singing category at The Topanga Banjo Fiddle Contest in late May!


One thought on “The Work Ahead

  1. ? says:

    I just listened to the Harmonistas’ arrangement you’re doing at the Topanga contest! Ohmigosh! What sparks you put out! Wonderful!!

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