Super M!

LisaMomma stopped by with Super M last week.  What a treat to get to see this little bundle of happiness in action.  Here he poses with one of his cohorts in Weens’s office.

One of Super M’s powers is taming wild beasts.  Here, he gets some love from the formerly extremely dangerous office dog, Ben.

Super M and Ben, having joined forces, prepare to take off in pursuit of evil-doers.

Well, Super M is ready to go.  Ben is going to wait and see if it really merits standing up.


5 thoughts on “Super M!

  1. RuthG says:

    That is one Very Cute Child. ❤

  2. ? says:

    What a little doll! I hope you are able to give LisaMomma copies of these wonderful photos.

  3. Sundry says:

    He just bubbled and giggled and ran around–hard to believe but somehow ran around softly! Wonderful little whirlwind.

  4. LisaMomma says:

    In his mind he is a superhero just like Dash from The Incredibles. He’s 2 so right now his super power is making people smile. But I know that his future goal is to save the world just like any noble superhero would. :0) Thank you for capturing these beautiful moments of my beautiful boy.

    • Sundry says:

      It was so great to spend a little time with him. You are doing a great job with all your kids. They are happy and self-confident in that old fashioned way we wish all kids were. You and Ant are teaching them to be good people.

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