Fireplace Potatoes

It was chilly this morning and we didn’t want to turn the furnace on, so I made a fire in the fireplace.  Then all those lovely hot coals seemed to be going to waste, so I cut up some potatoes and onions and put them in.  Probably shouldn’t have added that new log, but whatever.

There is no recipe yet.  Except don’t leave them in until the bottom layer is charcoal.  I might use double foil next time.

The edible ones were quite tasty!  Now on to slow cooker split pea soup.  We have to use the last of the cool weather to best advantage!


One thought on “Fireplace Potatoes

  1. ? says:

    ummm…can almost smell/taste those potatoes! How pioneer-ish of you! You do have fun, don’t you?

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