Oh, the Weeds Have Been Steadily Growing…


That line from the Tom Paxton song, “The Last Thing on My Mind,”   popped into my head when we went to hook up the trailer to pull out for the long holiday weekend.  Knee high weeds were all over the storage area.  We had to pull quite a few before we could get on the road for the Fillmore, CA area to meet up with Songmakers, play music and catch up for a few days.

Ours is the camper with the huge weed right in front of it.  Our rolling hotel suite.  If only it came with room service….



3 thoughts on “Oh, the Weeds Have Been Steadily Growing…

  1. no says:

    But when you got to the campground it was all lovely foliage. No weeds. And with you, your home away from home!

  2. Sundry says:

    Very true! Everything at the campground was gorgeous, especially with the sun shining through it!

  3. Las Weezas says:

    Dear Sundry: You make everything, even the most mundane item or occurrance, sound interesting and worth paying attention to, and imbued with tenderness. I like seeing yr blog, a lot.

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