Bumoto Ako!

That’s Tagolog for “I Voted.”  Went to the polls last night where my predominantly Republican neighbors handed me my Democratic ballot with big smiles.

Whatever happens in between, whatever the elected officials get up to that I don’t like, voting still moves me.  I’m that kind of patriot who isn’t comfortable with the word patriot, who believes that pretty much everything depends on our First Amendment right to express ourselves freely.

I also love this new “I Voted” sticker with the various languages on it.  I love the way the diversity of Southern California informs and expands my appreciation of the world.  I think the spirit of hope and possibility that newcomers bring with them helps this country maintain its founding optimism and spunk when some of the ways of the past begin to fall away.


2 thoughts on “Bumoto Ako!

  1. no says:

    Good for you! It’s hard to understand how some people can fail to take advantage of the fundamental right to vote. Do you know what the other languages on the sticker are? Spanish, Chinese…what else? (Here in the hinterlands it’s strictly English!)

  2. Sundry says:

    The others look like they may be Korean and Vietnamese??

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