Window of Found Objects

Braveheart’s window, which contains things she has found.   Interesting stuff.  The middle window represents her conscious world, the bottom represents her subconscious, and the top represents the next world.

I’ve been working slowly but surely on a series of photographs of what I call Things Out of Place.  Any of this in it’s original location would fit.

Braveheart, indeed.

Pixi feather.

Just outside the window.


4 thoughts on “Window of Found Objects

  1. no says:

    Food for thought. Makes me wonder…what do I have that represents my subconscious?…or for that matter, my conscious world? This woman is a thinker!

  2. Sundry says:

    It’s a really interesting exercise, isn’t it? I hadn’t thought about it, but in some way I suppose the rocks around the foundation of my house that I’ve carried in from all over the place, feel like they are part of my subconscious.

  3. st says:

    The upper is the transpersonal world – middle is everyday reality – lower is unconscious reality. love these photos.

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