Elvis (Costello) Wedding Chapel – Vegas, Baby!

Today, while researching a script set in Las Vegas, I finally hatched  my million dollar idea!

For all those hipsters out there who want a little less kitch with their quickie Vegas wedding, I give you the Elvis (Costello) Wedding Chapel!

Hydra will officiate, dressed as Elvis Costello.

At no additional charge, I will be your witness, dressed as Diana Krall.  1 song from the catalog of either performer will be included in the cost of the basic ceremony.

Shopping list: minister’s license,  hat, black suit, horn rimmed glasses, blonde wig.

Photo from Emmylou.net

For an additional fee, we will fly in our friend LasWeezas to spice up the wedding music as Emmylou Harris.

Our day has come!

[Please excuse the use of photographs I didn’t take in the construction of this post.  I do give credit, however!]


4 thoughts on “Elvis (Costello) Wedding Chapel – Vegas, Baby!

  1. Kitwocky says:

    Love it!!

  2. Hydra says:

    I’m dusting off my tux.

  3. no says:

    You’re gonna be rich, baby!

  4. markrhunter says:

    You’re a genius!

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