Game Day for the Harmonistas

Getting the feel of the room at the lovely and truly interfaith Methodist Church in Ocean Park.  This place has such warm and welcoming acoustics.  We felt instantly at home.  Louise is the music director here on Sunday mornings.

Ready to roll!  We joined in the chorus of a capella singing from 9:00-1o:00, then our songs were sprinkled throughout the service.

Louise introduced us to this amazing song that we had so much fun playing with.  I just adore the way it mixes a Zen sentiment with a liturgical sounding melody.

The lyrics:

Be like a bird, who, halting in her flight

On a limb too slight, feels it give way beneath her;

Yet sings, sings, knowing she has wings;

Yet sings, sings, knowing she has wings.

I wish I had a recording of us doing it.  I like the way our voices weave in and out.  Here’s Libana doing it.


Louise in her element.


At Rick’s Tavern on Main for lunch after the performance and a walk through a farmer’s market.  The server, who knew Louise, asked what we were up to on this fine day.  Since we had the little patio outdoor cafe to ourselves, we did a couple quick songs for her.

Tiny Ninja watched over us as we lunched and talked about what’s next.  Looks like we are going to be a part of a couple of multi-act concerts in early 2013.  Given how far apart we live and how busy we all are, that sounds about right!



2 thoughts on “Game Day for the Harmonistas

  1. Kitwocky says:

    I think you need to invite your loyal friends and readers to your show next time!!

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