Circus City Heritage Parade

I read somewhere recently that the best parade pictures are actually to be had before the action starts, so as soon as Kitty and I set up our chairs along the route, I walked back to see what was going on behind the scenes in the streets of little Peru, IN.   Pam Gordon of Cowgirl Entertainment was kind enough to pause so I could get a photo of her and her dog, Flair. The burro’s name is Biscuit.  You should check out that link to see how pretty she is out of her western drifter costume/makeup!

I thought I’d take photos of people with their dogs, like I did at the Acton parade a few weeks ago.  I don’t know whether it was a coincidence that I only saw this dog and one other, or if it says something about people’s attitudes about their dogs in California vs. Indiana.  People take their pets all over the place in SoCal.  Maybe it’s the weather?

This parade launches Peru’s Circus City Festival,  during which locals perform in an amateur circus.  There’s some history on this page.  Wish I’d known about the Seven Pillars…geology!

Another behind the scenes photo.  I stood and talked to this friendly group of Shriners about their cars.  They build them themselves using a fiberglass mold for the bodies.

I’m not a big fan of clowns, but I liked this little fellow a lot.

Impressive teen cyclists.  Harder to ride linked like this!  Note that the one on the right has juggling batons tucked into his shirt!

The parade featured lots of vintage horse drawn circus wagons, some of them with animals in them.  The three calliopes were great, and this was my favorite.

There’s a kid playing that calliope!  Cool!

There were lots of horses in the parade and I was happy to see how well attended most of them were by helpers walking the route.

Especially liked the helium balloons towed by high school football players.

Elephants traditionally walk at the end of the parade.  We were at the beginning of the route.  I’m conflicted about the use of exotic animals in circuses.  It was quite poignant to see the younger elephant reach out and grasp the tail of the older elephant in front.  The rider clearly cared for her mount and made soothing efforts.

I haven’t been much of a fan of parades in the past, but I’m finding them very interesting lately.  They are, after all, an ancient form of entertainment.

One thought on “Circus City Heritage Parade

  1. ha This is always so much fun to go to!

    xo m

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