When I Dream About Moonlight on Wabash…

Since the couple of non-fast food restaurants in Peru were jam-packed after the parade, we decided to stop for lunch in lovely Wabash, IN. Kitty lived here as a kid, and remembers the story of Modoc, the circus elephant who stormed Bradley Brothers Drugstore following the scent of roasted peanuts and ran wild for five subsequent days.  This mural charming mural on the side of Modoc’s Market and espresso bar, in the old Bradley Brothers building tells part of the story.

Detail of the boy spying the elephant.   Great expression.  The local artist, Kenny Martin, really captured the joy and excitement.

Had lunch at The Twenty, a lovely restaurant inside the Charley Creek Inn.  Comfortable for anyone from casual to dressy.  Kitty and I split a breaded tenderloin sandwich.  Not pounded too thin.   I thought it was a terrific version of the Hoosier classic.

We could see the historic Eagles Theater from our table at The Twenty.  Kitty told me how she used to walk over here and see a movie every Saturday afternoon.  For a dime!

After lunch we walked over to The Eagles to see what we could see.  Timing was perfect as the show was about to end.  The friendly manager invited us in and told us that The Honeywell Center owns this theater and that the  renovations haven’t extended to the second balcony, where Kitty used to sit.  She remembers it bothering her neck by the end of the feature.

Interestingly, the parking lot for The Honeywell Center lies, in part, over the site of the house where Kitty lived.  She can point out the view from the kitchen window from there.

Little ol’ Wabash holds a unique place in world history, as a plaque on the working light pole that this replica hangs on explains: “Hanging from this pole is a 2/3 size replica of the actual Brush Carbon Arc light.  Four of these were attached to the top of the Wabash County Courthouse in 1880, thus making Wabash the first electrically lighted city in the world.”

The elegant Wabash County Courthouse, scene of the historic events of 1880.  Indiana’s county courthouses are mostly pretty special buildings.  The state must have been doing well back when these beauties were built.  I’d love to do a tour of these sometime and take my own pix.

Have to show off this photo of my sister Pegerty and her hubs, Special K, cutting the concrete to the sound of our Uncle Doyle and his band The Nashville Rebels.

Yep, that was my big touristy Indiana day… Started with the parade in Peru, the Cole Porter home, exploring Wabash, and then all the way up to Goshen to dance at a lakeside pavilion.  Pegerty and Special K impressed the rowdy crowd with their fancy footwork.  They make it look easy.


3 thoughts on “When I Dream About Moonlight on Wabash…

  1. What a fabulous day! They don’t get any better than this, and I love your descriptions!

  2. no says:

    Any one part of that day would have made it special…and we did it all, and at our own pace!

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