Frankie Says Relax


I sat with Frankie the German/Australian Shepherd mix outside Starbucks this morning while his person fetched coffee.  Such a sweet calm rescue dog!  I had to compliment his person on a successful adoption.

Nice morning to sit outside with the L.A. Times.

I started the morning by seeing a shooting star in the back yard with Hydra.  The crescent moon and Venus were so perfect, they looked like they were  punched out of the fabric of the blue-black sky.

Me, later, in a Thai restaurant, demonstrating how cute Frankie was with his one blue eye and one brown eye.

Hydra’s first attempt to take my picture with my cell phone.  Brilliant.

Between the giggling and our exclamations over the truly awesome Night Sky app, the waiter was amused at us two old crumblies playing with our two-year-old smartphones like they were the latest thing in teething toys.

2 thoughts on “Frankie Says Relax

  1. no says:

    heehee! Great eyeball there, Hydra. You two have got to stop being so rowdy.

  2. Hydra says:

    It’s the Crawling Eye, run for your lives!

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