Beasts of the Southern Wild

No, this post isn’t about that indie film Beasts of the Southern Wild, though Hydra and I did go and see that last week.  I really wanted to like the movie, but couldn’t go along with what I’m sure the filmmakers wanted to be a hopeful ending.  Didn’t seem hopeful to me in the least, and it might have with different editing.  Who knows?

These beasts are infinitely more fun to look at.  My grand-nephews in their own Southern driveway with chalk monsters, photo graciously supplied by their momma, KFlight.

KFlight reports that the big brother is very into Shark Week and requested the addition of these water beasts.   KFlight not only knows how to frame a photo, she draws a pretty mean beast!



4 thoughts on “Beasts of the Southern Wild

  1. Kate says:

    Yes, they are beasts, and wild, and probably can be categorized as “southern”.
    And, for the movie, I REALLY wanted to see this in the theater but doubt we will make it. Have heard only good things…

  2. no says:

    Well those little boys are the darling-est little beasties I know! And, for the movie, I’ve never even heard of it! How’s that for an old granny? 🙂

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