Peaches at Last!

Blum Ranch sent us a card saying that the peaches would be ready on the 17th.  Hydra showed up at 8 a.m. and brought home a big bag of Fay Albertas.  Smaller than some years, but delicious.

Used them up in this crunchy peach cobbler that we’ll take to a BBQ/music party this afternoon.  We’ll be back for more.  We get a lot of good out of this local orchard, which we can see across the valley from the vantage point of our driveway.  It’s a big green patch in summer, and glorious fuchsia in the spring.

The Blums ship their peaches, so if you see their mark on a lug of fruit…now you know where they came from!



2 thoughts on “Peaches at Last!

  1. no says:

    ummm…The peach cobblers look so good! I got the last of the Michigan peaches from the local market Friday. Hate to say goodbye to peach season! Enjoy!

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