Je préfère être à Paris.

According to Google Translate, which I have been using a lot lately, the title means “I would rather be in Paris.”  Which is quite often the case.

So I made this pin art scene with a little Eiffel Tower statuette that Lisamama brought back from her visit, and the end of a marker.  I can almost hear the Seine flowing by at my feet.


6 thoughts on “Je préfère être à Paris.

  1. Kitwocky says:

    Moi aussi!

    In fact, just booked a trip there in April. Can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!

    • Sundry says:

      Oh my gosh, you’ll love it! We’re hoping to get back there this spring.

      • Kitwocky says:

        I do love it (been before), but I’ve never taken Marley. Can’t wait to explore it with her. And I’ve always stayed in hotels. This time, we’re going to rent an apartment and pretend we’re residents!

      • Sundry says:

        Ha, you know, I realized later that of course you’d been. But how much more fabulous to explore with your girl! Ahhh! My mom and I rented an apartment for a week last time, and it was such a good choice! Looking forward to vicariously sharing the adventure!

  2. no says:

    I do believe it’s time for another visit to Paris for you!! 🙂

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